Tuesday 15 June 2010

My Latest Purchase and Even More Purses!

I am currently busily preparing for the Handm@de Craft Fair at Winchester Guildhall on Sunday the 4th July. I wanted to be able to display my handmade greetings cards neatly and also have the option to include some of my framed embroidered and appliquéd artworks in the same display. So, yesterday I treated myself to a proper five tier display stand and it arrived this morning! I am really pleased with it and think it is going to look really good on my craft fair table. It frees up some table space and displays my work clearly, I can't wait to use it now and am busily making cards and artworks to fill it up.

I have also been making even more purses for the same craft fair. I am really enjoying churning out a few of these each time I have a break in my other work. They sold really well for me at my last craft fair so hopefully the same will happen this time.


Scented Sweetpeas said...

Your cards look fab in that rack, I am sure it will help you sell even more :-)

Claire Hurd Design said...

Thank you, fingers crossed!

jane said...

I really like the purses. Will take more time to look through your blog when there are no children running around here!

Claire Hurd Design said...

Thank you Jane. I hope you enjoy having a good look through my blog when you have a quiet moment.

Claire x