Friday 4 June 2010

Fabric Roses Update

Remember back in April when I showed you my attempts at making fabric roses? Well, since then I have been tinkering with them whenever I have had time. Now, with my deadline looming, I am trying to get them just right.

The idea is that they become a small posy for my young bridesmaids to carry at my wedding. They are only little (the youngest will be coming up to 20 months) and it doesn't seem fair to give them fresh flowers to carry and then have them spend the afternoon being told to be careful! I wanted to give them something that they can fiddle with, can hold any which-way and can drop without doing any harm. They can also have them afterwards as a little keepsake.

I have now added a stem and additional leaves to my rose. The fabric I went for in the end is a raw silk and I have added tiny beads to the rose centre for a little bit of sparkle.

I shall share pictures with you again when I have completed the posies - this could take some time! Cx


Tilly Rose said...

Oh they are gorgeous Claire...well done you for persevering!
What did you make the stem with for it to be stiff enough to hold?
They are ideal for littlies...

Karen x x x

Claire Hurd Design said...

Thanks Karen!

I made the stem with a pipe cleaner so it is stiff enough to hold but doesn't have and sharp ends that may poke through.

Claire x

Pirate Treasures Jewellery said...

Wow, they are beautiful and such a lovely idea!

Claire Hurd Design said...

Thanks Jane! I am excited about getting them all finished. Hopefully before the wedding ;0)


Scented Sweetpeas said...

What a lovely idea and they are really nice. Love the sparkle you added to - you can never have too much sparkle :-)

monda-loves said...

These are sweet - I too am in wedding mode at the moment. It's good fun isn't it!


Claire Hurd Design said...

Thanks Monda.

I spotted on your blog that you are wedding planning too - I hope it is going well. I just discovered your Mr & Mrs blog too and have added it to my feeds!

Claire x