Tuesday 20 April 2010

Handmade Baby Bibs

I have been designing and making new baby bibs recently to appear in my online shops. I have had some great feedback from Facebook fans regarding their preferred fastening method for baby bibs (velcro) and have a bib sample I am sending to a friend to do a user trial for me. I want to be sure that all details are right, such as does the bib wash nicely (I have washed it a couple of times already but only from clean and not after a baby meal!), does the amount of velcro I have used hold well and is the size good?

As soon as I have some more feedback and have secured a plentiful supply of the base fabrics I shall be listing these. I have used a soft cotton jersey for the face and a brushed cotton reverse for both designs. I used 'anti-snag' velcro for comfort and have made the bibs nice and wide to keep baby as clean as possible.

I have also been experimenting with making my own baby blankets and am quite pleased with the results. I shall share pictures with you as soon as I have some. At the moment my little niece has the blanket to see if it gets her seal of approval!


Nikki said...

Ooh I'd love some of these for Olivia - how much will you be selling them for?

Claire Hurd Design said...

Hi Nikki, I am glad you like my new bibs!

I will be launching these at the weekend for £10.50 each with £1.45 P&P.

I am happy to offer all blog readers free P&P if they wish to order direct from me and are able to pay by paypal. Simply email me with your requirements at studio@clairehurd.co.uk.

Claire x