Wednesday 7 April 2010

Delicious Fabrics and Buttons Galore!

Here are the lovely fabrics I bought whilst in Truro. It was very difficult to narrow my purchases down to just these as the shop had such a wonderful selection. I also bought some more base fabric for my personalised embroidered artworks and a gorgeous new Liberty print fabric which I am not going to show you as I want it to be a surprise when I launch a new colourway of my personalised make-up bags in the summer!

These ditsy floral fabrics were bought locally before Easter. Along with the lovely selection above they will make great appliqué fabrics for my artworks and baby blankets.

I recently inherited my Grandmother's button tin and her china tea set. These are really precious items to me and I have loved looking through the buttons again, enjoying all of the happy memories they bring. We used to play cards for buttons with my Grandparents and the tin also has other little surprises in it from our game playing such as plastic counters, homemade dice and even a tiny plastic jockey!

Looking through all of those buttons (the photo shows just a few from the tin) also reminded me that I haven't shown you my handmade buttons yet. I recently took part in a button swap organised by Feeling Stitchy. I have long intended to make embroidered buttons for my shops but these were actually the first I have made for someone else. The embroidered details were taken from my existing design work with summertime in mind. I am really pleased with how these have turned out and thoroughly enjoyed making them. Watch this space, handmade buttons may well be my next crafting obsession!


LilyRibbons said...

Lovely fabrics, i realy like the spotty lilac one! And the florals are beautiful :)
Lil xx

Scented Sweetpeas said...

Fab handmade buttons, they are gorgeous!

I also recently got lent (not inherited yet) my parents button tins and was really surprised at the memories the invoked - how can a piece of plasic remind you of so much :-)

Claire Hurd Design said...


I am really looking forward to using my new fabrics. Not sure if I can bring myself to part with any of the buttons though! I shall have to create something buttony for my home.