Tuesday 26 January 2010

Personal Project - 1st Birthday Gifts

I have been working on a personal project alongside my other work this past week. My gorgeous niece turned 1 on Sunday and I wanted to make some truly personal handmade gifts for her.

I created some personalised birthday bunting which was used at her party and now hangs in her beautiful little bedroom. I also made a personalised Cupcake Brooch for her with 'I am 1' embroidered on it.

My main gift was a rag doll which I made from a combination of different patterns and with a little creative licence! My Mum made me a similar rag doll when I was little with removable clothes and a vast wardrobe of handmade outfits. I want to do the same for my Niece and will be making new outfits and accessories for her doll to be given as regular treats. I am really pleased that she seems to love her doll and has been cuddling and playing with it lots.

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