Tuesday 12 October 2010

Crafty Details from my Hen Parties

I blogged about my Papered Parlour Hen Party back in August. Here is a little reminder of the bags we made.

I really wanted to add some fabric and stitch detail to my design but was out of action following my hand operation at the time. The wedding then took over and I didn't have the spare time. I have now finally finished my bag by adding some appliquéd fabric bunting flags to my printed ones, some appliquéd fabric leaves on the tree and some simple stitch lines. I have also stitched some text and the date on the reverse.

With two of my bridesmaids being children (aged 5 years and 20 months) I felt I had the perfect excuse for a second hen party! I therefore organised a Bridesmaid's Tea Party and invited all three of my bridesmaids and their families. We had a wonderful time playing in the garden, eating cakes and ice lollies and making imaginary cups of tea with our new tea set!

(Handmade mini muffins - we soon polished these off between us!)

I handmade the invitations for this tea party based on our sage green and chocolate colour theme adding lots of pink and flowers to make them suitably girly. The images below show details of the face and reverse. I hand-embroidered the design and added appliqué detail before scanning it in to the computer and creating a design for the reverse. The final invitations had a printed version of this embroidered design on the face and a personalised reverse all mounted on a chocolate card base. My finishing touch was to hand-stitch tiny buttons on as the cherries on the cupcakes.


(Reverse - Fanchesca's Mum had her own invitation as my chief Bridesmaid!)


Jenny said...

Love the invitation, it's so sweet! xx p.s sounds like you had an amazing wedding and honeymoon, looking forward to hearing more about it!

Claire Hurd Design said...

Thanks Jenny.

We had such a wonderful day - I wish I could do it all over again!


Scented Sweetpeas said...

wow where did you find the time to make such a gorgeous thing, what a lovely idea and a great keepsake!

Claire Hurd Design said...

Time was found in front of the TV late in the evenings! ;0)

I wanted to make something special as my bridesmaids are all really special to me x