Tuesday 3 August 2010

A 'Papered Parlour' Hen Party!

Thank you to all of those that sent me get-well-wishes both prior to and following my operation. I am healing well and despite not quite having all of the feeling back in my hand yet hope to be well recovered by the time I have my stitches removed on the 12th. I can't wait to get full use of my hand back!

I have been feeling rather poorly following the anaesthetic so what better distraction than a 'Papered Parlour' Hen Party!

My wonderful bridesmaid Sophie organised a great day for me and my friends screen printing calico bags at 'The Papered Parlour' in Clapham, London. We had such a great time and it was lovely to see everyone enjoying creating their own designs and doing their own printing.

We were looked after by Helen who was a great teacher getting us quickly familiar with the printing process. She guided us with hints and tips for motifs and colours as we used the books provided for design inspiration and oversaw our printing giving a helping hand where needed.

Everyone got the hang of the printing quickly and did a great job. The photo above shows Helen and my friend Clare kindly printing my bag for me. I would like to say an extra big thank you to Helen for making sure I had a beautifully printed bag, something that I couldn't do myself with my hand still healing.

I was the last to finish the template for my bag design but I am not sure this would have been any different if my hand was okay! I always do like to make the most of every working second ;0)

Here are our finished bags! Aren't they great, I love how different they all are. Each so personal to the maker.

After all of our hard work we were rewarded with some very delicious tea and cakes in the beautifully decorated parlour.

I had the perfect crafty hen party so a big thank you to Sophie for organising it and for all of the lovely personal touches she added to the day. 

Many thanks also to Claire, Louise and Helen at 'The Papered Parlour' who were so friendly and helpful and made our day truly enjoyable. I cannot recommend them highly enough and urge you to check out their website for details of all of their other classes and parties.

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