Monday 23 June 2008

Embroidered Artworks - In The Garden

Today's post shows examples of some of my garden inspired designs. The Pea design above is appliqué with hand-guided machine embroidery and delicate fabric textures. I really like the soft tones of this design and the delicate pea-flower shapes.

This leafy trail design uses the idea of positive and negative. It is effectively two layers of fabric; the leaves have been cut out of the green fabric exposing the cream below and then applied to the cream fabric base opposite. I like the contrast effect of this design and the lovely green wool fabric from China, it is a really fesh colour without being too bright.

I have posted a detail of this design to demonstrate the effect of freehand embroidery on the sewing machine. This is a technique I intend to use more in the future as I really like the fine lines and the hand-drawn/sketchy effect achieved.

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