Monday 28 July 2008

Appliqué Artworks - Cats and Dogs

Having recently sold another children's animal design I thought I would post some of my avaiable cats and dogs designs. For the patchwork dogs design above I have kept the number of fabrics used down to make it an easy design to reproduce in bulk production.

For this design a really soft brushed cotton has been used for the kittens. The patchwork fabrics are all is pastel colours making this design suitable for younger children - possibly a nursery design.

I have produced this cats design in a more classic style and colour palette to target an older children's/ adult market. The shapes have been kept very simple but hopefully capture the character of each cat.
All images shown are small details of larger appliqué artworks.

Monday 21 July 2008

Cushions and Bags

Today I am taking a break from my embroidered artworks and have decided to post images of recent items I have been making for our home. I am really pleased with the cushions above, not only because they look good in our sitting room, but also because they gave me an excuse to use some of the lovely wool fabric I bought in Shanghai and a great Shinzi Katoh print I bought from nuno ( I have only recently discovered the Shinzi Katoh's fabrics and am completely hooked!

These little storage boxes have been made from bags I no longer used but had been refusing to dispose of (yes, a girl CAN have too many bags!). The blue one is a Cath Kidston book bag that I had used so much I had worn out the handles. The purple one is a TopShop bag I was given a couple of years ago when I bought a dress there - much nicer than your usual plastic bag. I simply altered the shapes to the size I wanted, lined them with contrasting fabric, turned the top over and trimmed the edge. I am pleased with the result, they are great for storing all my notebooks. I seem to be slightly addicted to nice notebooks and have loads - I do use them all though, promise!

Monday 14 July 2008

Appliqué Artwork - Emergency Services

I have been doing a lot of work on designs for girls recently so thought it about time I did some more gender neutral designs/designs aimed at boys. My first in this new collection is an emergency services design.

The images shown here are details from a larger appliqué artwork. I have tried to keep all the shapes quite simple and avoided detailed features on the characters to make this design an easy one to reproduce in bulk production.

Monday 7 July 2008

Appliqué Artworks - Tea and Cakes

This afternoon tea and fancy cakes inspired appliqué design is aimed at both the kitchen textiles and the greetings card and stationery markets. The cupcakes have been given added detail with applied flower motifs, beads and buttons to make them more fancy and good enough to eat!

This appliqué artwork has been specifically designed for the wedding stationery market. I have used a very traditional and limited colour palette and made use of luxury fabric textures such as velvet, silk and metallic sheers. The cake decorations and champagne bubbles are created using ribbon flowers, flower motifs, sequins and beads giving the design more depth. The different fabric textures and added detail on this design will make it look luxurious and maintain the depth of the design when reproduced graphically.