Monday 12 July 2010

A Quick Catch Up and an Exciting New Customer!

I have not been very good at blogging lately, sorry. I have been so busy designing and making but the end is in sight and I look forward to having a bit more time for wedding makes and online shop revamps very soon.

One thing that was keeping me busy was preparing for a big meeting in London. All of the hard work was worth it and I am pleased to say that Jane Churchill have purchased some of my design work for their Nursery Collection. I can't wait to see how they develop my artwork to become part of their range. It is really exciting to be working with such a wonderful brand.

Whilst in London I was finally able to make it to the V&A Museum for the Quilts Exhibition (shortly before it ended) and thought it was great, so inspiring, I really enjoyed myself. My Mum has the accompanying book so I shall have to have a read of that next time I visit. My Mum visited the exhibition before me a kindly bought me these two quilting fabrics from the exhibition shop:

After looking around the exhibition I added to this little selection with these:

I look forward to making use of them all. I shall have to think of something really special to make with them. I have always wanted to make a patchwork quilt with fabrics and embroidered and appliquéd pieces that bring back happy memories. Perhaps having visited this inspiring exhibition is my prompt to make a start.

I have a few customer meetings this week too so am busy working towards those at the moment.

Whilst I am here I also wanted to point you in the direction of the delicious blog 'Cakes I Create'. They recently featured my Cupcake Wedding Card in amongst all of their tasty looking cakes and recipes. 

Thank you for featuring me 'Cakes I Create'!

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