Thursday 4 March 2010

Save the Date Cards

Alongside my 'Claire Hurd Design' work I am also currently organising our wedding. I want to be able to make it a truly personal wedding and am adding my own creative touches wherever I can.

My latest achievement is to have completed all of our 'Save the Date' cards. I used a calender page in the style of those that we used to use at school when making Christmas presents for our parents! My Fiancé and I had seen them in a craft store before Christmas and were reminiscing about how much we enjoyed using them as children. We decided that they would work really well for our cards.

The colours used hint at those we hope to have at our wedding. The time and place details are all on the reverse of the cards. Now to design and make all the invitations........



LOVING them. So hard to get people to remember dates sometimes !

Claire Hurd Design said...

Thanks Elise x