Thursday 12 March 2009

Revamp and Recycle

I am always stashing bits and pieces away with the view to revamp and recycle them at a later date. In fact, many of the fabrics and trims I use in my designs I collected as a child.

When I received a basket full of Cornish goodies for Christmas I knew straight away I would be re-using the basket at some point! Now all of the goodies (apart from some delicious strawberry and champagne jam) have been eaten I have put the basket to a new use.

I made a close-fitting lining for the basket using some floral quilting fabric I bought back in Cambridge. I edged the fabric with co-ordinating satin ribbon to give the lining a neat finish and to enable me to fasten it around the handle.

And there you go - another neat storage solution for my ever-gowing collection of notebooks (all useful and in use I hasten to add!).

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