Monday 4 August 2008

Accessories - New Bags

I have two new bags to share with you today. The cream bag at the top is a trial of a new pattern I have developed this summer. I am happy with the size and shape. It works well as a book bag or extra shopping bag. Once again I have made use of a really lovely Shinzi Katoh print and have plenty more where that comes from so keep your eyes peeled for more bags in the future.

The bottom bag is a re-vamped linen bag that I was sent as a free gift. The bag was huge and I could not think of a use for it so I cut it down in size and added this lovely Liberty print lining. I have folded the lining fabric over the top of the bag to create a border and then disguised the seam with a satin ribbon. I added a button to fasten the bag and hey presto - a spare bag to keep with me ready for emergency shopping trips!

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