Monday 21 April 2008

Greetings Cards - Easter Animals

Here is my latest installment of greetings card designs. This is my Easter Animals collection for 2009.

The two Easter Chicks designs began as a hand-made chick appliqué character in bright spring colours which I then manipulated in Photoshop. With tactile textile beginnings these designs have the potential for details such as the buttons, eyes and ribbons to be applied to the cards after printing giving them added interest and an eye-catching quality.

My Easter Rabbit card began as a hand-drawn sketch which I then scanned in to Photoshop and added fabric detail to. The colours on this design are muted floral tones to give it a serene spring-like quality. The ribbon and text could be applied to the card after printing for a eye-catching 3D effect.

My Easter Lamb card has been created entirely in Photoshop using scanned fabric textures and floral trim. The flowers and jewel detail could be applied to the printed card on this design adding interest and giving a more tactile quality to the product.

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